Padanaplast SRL

Cogegum AFR series consists of thermoplastic Halogen free flame retardant materials for Wire&Cable insulation and sheathing. Wide range of grades covering demanding applications requiring high thermo-mechanical and fluid resistance along with flame retardant proprieties available.

Key Features

● Enhanced mechanical performance 
● Very good mineral oil and fluid resistance 
● Halogen Free Fire Retardant 
● High flame retardant properties 
● High extrusion speed suitable for low thickness extrusion


Cogegum® AFR TP-HFFR suits many applications requiring high weathering, fluids and flame retardant resistance performances.


Wire & Cable Insulation and Sheathing

hipboard Safety cable 
Fire resistant cable 
Specialty cable 
LV and MV armored cable sheathing 
Telecom and Optical Fiber cable