The Estane® TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) product line consists of polyester, polyether and specialty adhesive compounds. The Estane TPU portfolio bridges the gap between flexible rubber and rigid plastics.

Estane® 5198A

98 A hardness TPU for pneumatic tubing application

Estane® 58887

87 A hardness TPU for Wire and cable application

Estane® 58202

85 A hardness FR grade V0 for wire and cable application

Estane® ZHF 90AT2

88 A harndess TPU, Non halogen, Flame retardant Aromatic Polyether based TPU for W & C

Estane® TS 92AP7

92 A hardness TPU, high heat resistance, Hydrolysis resistance & chemical resistance TPU for W & C


  • Power/Energy: building/construction, mining, coiled/ spiral cables, alternative energy
  • Telecommunication: telephone/data, military, fiber optics
  • Geophysical: land/marine, ocean bottom/off-shore, umbilical
  • Automotive: anti-lock braking systems-ABS harnesses sensor battery
  • Oil & Gas: multi-layer, single layer, MUX, downhole and seismic cable
  • Industrial: robot, chain, signal
  • Miscellaneous: spiral/retractable, video/audio etc…