HOMO POLYMER RAFFIA 1030RG 3 Good processablity. low water carryover, good balance of tenacity & elongation.
HOMO POLYMER FIBRE AND FILAMENT 1350YG 35 High melt flow, high speed production of fine denier fiber.
HOMO POLYMER INJECTION MOULDING 1110MAS 11 A superior grade having high flow, very high stiffness with excellent gloss. The grade offers better productivity and reduces energy consumption
RANDOM COPOLYMER INJECTION MOULDING 2120MC 12 Excellent clarity & good processablity. The grade offers better productivity and reduces energy consumption.
IMPACT COPOLYMER INJECTION MOULDING 5080MG 9 Good processablity, No Break ( Superior Impact Strength)
Many More Grades available

Indian Oil set up a Polypropylene plant at Panipat (Haryana) having two production lines with capacity of 300 KTA each. The plant is based on the state-of-the art bulk and gas-phase polymerization technology (Spheripol-II) from LyondellBasell, Italy. The plant is capable of producing homopolymers, block co-polymers & random co-polymers, including ter-polymers. Spheripol-II is as renowned & well established technology globally and 100 such plants are already operating worldwide with total production of ~20 million MT with market share of around 48% Spheripol-II process is a two stage process, bulk polymerization in loop reactors is capable of producing homo/random/ter-polymers and combination of bulk & gas-phase polymerization is capable of producing impact co-polymers. Spheripol processes have a capability to produce wide range of products for all applications with consistent product quality.