Stabaxol has a worldwide reputation as the most effective Anti-Hydrolysis agent for many polymers, such as, PU, PET, PBT, PA, TPU, T-PEE, PU RUBBER and EVA. Polymers containing Stabaxol usually show a threefold increase in service life. When Stabaxol reacts with the cleaved products, carboxylic acid or water, it creates urea compounds that have no negative impact on the stabilized material.

Anti Hydrolysis Agent

  • PU (Hot/Cold) Casting systems
  • TPE- E– Cables Sheathings, Molding  
  • Polylactide Components
  • PET Monofilaments & Fibers and Films
  • PU Rubber (ROLLERS, Drive Belts)
  • PA (Monofilaments, Injection Molding)
  • PBT (Sheathing for Optical Fibers)
  • Agro Industries (intermediate)
  • Veterinary Application
  • NBR / EPDM Rubber Application