E I DuPont India Limited

Zytel ® provides a portfolio of proven nylon resin materials for a range of performance needs, from softness to heat resistance. DuPont Zytel® nylon products offer continuing innovation across industries ranging from automotive to consumer electronics.

Zytel® 101 L NC-010

  • Monofilament, Hair weak
  • Fishnet
  • Electrical Switch Gear

Zytel® 101 F NC-010

  • Mobile Phone Housing Components
  • Cable Tie

Zytel® 70G 33L NC&BK

  • Radiator Tank Top & Bottom
  • Air Hoses & Air Ducts
  • Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle
  • Interior Trims & Parts

Zytel® 70G 30 HSLR NC&BK

  • Electrical Components
  • Switch Gear Parts

Zytel® FR50 BK 153J

  • PV Solar Nut
  • Mosquito Repellent heater support